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Technology should enable us. Too often our smartphones don't do that, adding frustration to our lives rather than freeing us. We believe that near-field technology can reclaim lost seconds and minutes in our day. We're a small team in SOMA, San Francisco, focused on building things, and enjoying ourselves along the way.

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Kulveer Taggar

Kulveer graduated from Oxford. He previously co-founded Auctomatic. The company is not named after him.

Srini Panguluri

Srini co-founded YouOS and Project Wedding. He studied at Stanford.

Eric Butler

Eric built Farebot.

Joshua Krohn

Joshua built NFC Task Launcher. He studied at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Omar Seyal

Omar studied CS at Stanford and collected frequent flyer miles at Wharton.

Dane Oleson

Dane makes Tagstand's hardware. He studied ETH in Switzerland and at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Richa Bhalla

Richa is Tagstand's Business Developent Guru. She, like Kul, is English. She studied at LSE.


"Even Disney agrees, NFC is one of the closest technologies we have to actual magic."
"Today the YC-backed company, which we first covered in August, is announcing that it’s raised a $1.1 million funding round that includes many notable angels."
"Jimmy Selix programmed some Tagstand stickers to expedite tasks he performs frequently ... 'I feel like I am living in the future' Mr. Selix said."


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SV Angel
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