Near Field Communication

NFC is a wireless technology that allows devices to talk to each other through touch. It's already around us; many transit systems around the world use it (think Clipper, Oyster, Octopus), and it's now coming to our phones. Tagstand has adapted this technology to make it useful for every day life.


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Little tags that can do a lot


This little thingy holds the data on the tag. There are various chip manufacturers out there (NXP, Kovio, UPM). The amount of data held varies by chip type (e.g. NTAGs vs. Ultralights).


This can come in various shapes and sizes. For those of you who remember your physics, the antenna is electromagnetically inducted by a reader, which powers the IC, which then transmits the data.

The user experience is simple. You touch a tag with your phone. Tags can be used to launch apps, urls, and for advertising, loyalty and location based services. They are a cost effective way to aid discovery and increase engagement for your apps. Our tags work with all NFC phones.


It's coming to your phone

There are over one million NFC phones shipping each week. The way we interact with the world around us is changing. Our phones will become our wallets.

The era of the "Internet of Things" has begun.