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Customized NFC Tags

Custom Tag Style

Your custom ST25 NFC tag can come in all shapes, sizes, and form factors. Choose from basic materials or select from our more technical options. You’ll work with us to create a tag that works with your application’s unique requirements.

Custom Encoding

Your application depends on the data in the NFC tag. Encode a URL to enable users to open a webpage with just a phone tap. Or, take advantage of the advanced options available like tamper-detect, tap-counters, and augmented NDEF.

Custom Printing

Custom graphics on your ST25 NFC tag will ensure an integrated user experience that fits with your brand. Do your tags need to be ready by humans too? Select from a variety of data printing options that match the encoded data.


Check out some of our standard styles.

NDEF_with_logo (1)

NDEF Encoding

web pages, text records, phone numbers, email, and SMS


Full Color Printing

Branding, graphics, icons, and images for yor custom ST25 NFC tag


Material Selection

Paper or Plastic?


Custom Encoding

Memory block encoding


QR Codes

Make your custom tags compatible with optical scanners too


Shapes and Sizes

Simple shapes or custom designed

ST25_subrand (1)

ST25 Advanced Features

Locking, password, digital signature, tap counter, tamper-detect, augmented NDEF


Variable Printed Data

Print your custom ID numbers and serialization

Are you ready to get started?

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