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Read the ST25 Technical Datasheets

ST25T products cover multiple standards and protocols


NFC Forum Type 5 Tag

ISO 15693

The Type 5 standard enables a tag read distance of up to 100cm with a ISO 15693 reader. The technology that enables this also allows tags to use small antennas while maintaining robust read performance.


NFC Forum Type 2 Tag

ISO 14443A

The Type 2 standard is one of the earlier NFC tag types. It is suitable for high-speed operations (106 kb/s) and can achieve a read distance of up to 10cm with appropriate equipment and tag antenna size.

ST IC Model ST25TV512C ST25TV02KC ST25TN512 ST25TN01K
NFC Forum Type 5 Type 2
ISO/IEC Standard ISO15693 ISO14443A
Memory Size 64 bytes 320 bytes 64 bytes 208 bytes
Data Rate 26 kbps 106 kbps
UID 64 bit 7 bytes
Password Encrypted 64 bit -
Password Attemp Limit Yes -
Digital Signature TruST25 TruST25
Tamper Detect available -
Augmented NDEF Yes Yes
Unique Tap Code Yes Yes

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