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Kiss Cut NFC Stickers. Create a custom shaped NFC sticker.
NFC Gold and Silver. Give your NFC sticker the luster it deserves! The metallic effect surface does not affect read performance.
Anti-Tamper NFC Sticker with Breaking Antenna. Lifting this sticker off will break the antenna, making it unreadable.
Reverse NFC Sticker. Artwork is on the sticky side. Perfect for windows and windshields.
Google Cardboard Viewer NFC Tag - PET Sticker. Credit-card sized sticker encoded with Android Application Record and in glossy PET.
On-metal NFC Sticker. NFC stickers that work when applied to metal. A layer of ferrite isolates to preserve NFC read performance.
NFC + QR + Code Sticker. NFC tag with unique identifiers and a scannable printed code.
NFC Window Sticker. Perfect for storefronts and displays. Read the NFC through the glass.
NFC Box Seal Tags. NFC tags that know when a box has been opened.
Anti-Tamper NFC Sticker with Breakable Surface. Attempt to remove and the face material breaks apart, killing the tag.
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