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Lead Times and Quantities

Typical production lead time at our factory is 3 to to 4 weeks for NFC stickers and cards under 50,000 pieces with an additional 3 to 5 days for shipping.  Your order of 1 million NFC tags may take 4 weeks or more.  Specialty items such as bubble stickers and silicone wristbands also take extra time. Minimum order quantity for most custom products is 1000 pieces.

Need less than 1000 pieces? Consider our Custom Small Batch service for cards and stickers which ship out much faster than factory orders. Orders of smaller than 1000 are still welcome; but will be subject to additional set-up/production fees. See Tooling and One-Time Charges below.

RUSH ORDER? To make sure that we can deliver tags to you on the date you need, please contact us directly.


✔ Full-color logo printing

✔ Requires 300 dpi or better artwork

✔ Vector files preferred such as .AI or .PDF

Tooling and other One-Time Charges

Usually no additional tooling charges are needed if we already have the tooling needed for your NFC product. However, we may charge you a fee to develop a custom unique shape and size. Typical tooling charges range from $300 to $500, and it highly depends on the nature of your custom design.

If your specialized data encoding that requires us to write software, then you may be charged for software development costs.

Data Encoding Services


✔ vCard

✔ NDEF records

✔ User Memory Data

✔ Password Protection

✔ Your Proprietary Data

✔ Lock Tags

✔ Encode data from your list

✔ Match printed with encoded data

QR Codes

✔ QR Code printing

✔ Match QR Code with NFC Data

✔ Variable QR Codes

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