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Muni Ticket with NFC. Paper tickets with NFC. Use them for your transit system or your transit-inspired event.
NFC Cable Tie. PA6 nylon provides excellent UV resistance for outdoor use.
NFC Jewelry Tag. Attached tag can be read until cut off. Tag jewelry or other small items.
NFC Watchband. Add NFC to your watch with these watchbands embedded with NFC.
Clear PVC Tag. Copper coil antenna on clear PVC which can be covered with epoxy or laminated. Sample shown is 25mm in diameter.
NFC Ear Stud Tag - 30mm diameter. Attach like an earring to livestock for track and trace. 30mm diameter NFC ear stud tag shown.
NFC Plastic Nail Tag. ABS plastic nail tag works with soft surfaces.
NFC Livestock Ear Tag. Attach this NFC ear tag and scan to keep track of your livestock. Tag shown is 68.5mm wide and 78.8mm tall.
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