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NFC Event Wristband with Ultralight Chip. Customize this wristband with your event logo and data.
Fixed Size Wristbands. Made of silicone with fixed sizes.
Watch-Style NFC+LED Wristband. Light-up face on a silicone band with a metal clasp closure.
Square face NFC+LED Wristband. A soft silicone band with a watch-type front face.
Wide Button Snap NFC Bracelet. Thick, 26mm wide band, with adjustable holes and one-time button closure. (Holes not pictured.)
Tyvek NFC Wristbands. Water-resistant. Secure with adhesive tab. Cut to remove.
Silicone Watch Silhouette NFC Wristband. Flexible and waterproof with a watch-face cutout perfect for highlighting a custom logo!
Event Wristband with NFC and Custom Graphics. Woven wristband with specialty imaging and NFC PVC tag.
NFC + Remote Control LED Bracelets. Change the lighting on these from afar to create an event showstopper!
Slider Clip NFC+LED Wristband. Party the night away with this band fashioned from ABS plastic and nylon.
Button Snap Bracelet. Adjustable size, with one-time use buttons. Different colors and styles available.
Long-Length Button Snap NFC Bracelet. Foot-long, thin NFC band with straight end and one-time button closure.
Silicone Watch-Style Wristband. Waterproof NFC wristband with adjustable band. Add custom silkscreen artwork.
Single-use Adjustable Silicone Wristband. Soft silicone wristband that is adjustable. Buttons snap for single-use. Fits kids and adults, and can be customized.
NFC Fabric Wristband with Custom Graphics. A smooth NFC slider card printed with your artwork, on a soft, breathable strap
LED Thin Band NFC Bangle. A fixed-size silicone NFC wristband with hours of battery-powered light-up capacity.
Reusable NFC+LED Wristband. An accessible battery compartment and on/off switch, makes this band perfect for multiple events.
Vinyl Button Snap NFC Bracelet. Sturdy and water-resistant. Customize the front panel with your own logo or artwork.
Mid-Length Button Snap NFC Bracelet. 10-inch band with pointed end, adjustable holes and one-time button closure. (Holes not pictured.)
Velcro Wristband. Water-resistant and perfect for sports or outdoor activities.
Ellipse Wristband. Adjustable silicone wristband available in many colors. Waterproof too!
LED+NFC Wrist Cuff. An adjustable, extra-wide silicone band powered by AAA batteries (not included).
NFC+LED Bracelet. This stylish light-up bangle pairs a clear PVC band with an ABS plastic face.
Short-Length Button Snap NFC Bracelet. 8-inch thin band, with rounded end and one-time button closure.
Bubble Bracelet. Water-resistant epoxy NFC tag, shown on nylon wristband with quick release clasp.
NFC Elastic Wristband. One-size-fits-all stretchy wristband with NFC beneath the customizable center patch.
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