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Plastic cards are one of the most popular tag styles. Newest ATM and credit cards contain an NFC chip for contactless payments.Wooden cards are a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to plastic.PVC hang tags are cost-effective, lightweight, and water-resistant that you can attach to items with the lanyardClear dome hang tags have an extra "bubble" layer over the face that enhances any graphics or logo.ABS keychains offer a rugged and water-resistant NFC tag for everyday use.Branded promotion or premium gift keychains with a metal fob and embedded NFC tag.These overmolded nylon keychains are IP68 waterproof and are designed for more aggressive environments.NFC magnet tags for use on refrigerators or any other magnetic surface.Stickers printed on the sticky-side can show artwork or text through glass or other transparent surfaces.Stickers with a polypropelene (PP) face material are typically also treated to enable inkjet printing.PVC stickers are more thick and rigid than normal stickers. PET stickers are thin, flexible and resist tearing and waterStickers made with paper face materialFlexible printed circuits (FPC) are popular in today's electronics. NFC tags made with FPC are resistant to high temperatures and allow finer antenna traces for a more compact tag. These can be delivered with or without adhesive.These anti-tamper NFC stickers will get scratched away and no longer work if someone tries to remove it. The antenna will break when someone attempts to remove the sticker which permanently damages the NFC tag.Clear dome stickers have a polyurethane or epoxy resin coating over the face of the NFC sticker.A ferrite metal isolation layer on these on-metal tags prevents detuning of the NFC antenna on metal surfaces.ABS tokens are waterproof and impact resistant. They are a good choice if you need a cost-effective tag with good mechanical toughness.PVC tokens have a low profile and offer basic resistance against wear. It is the same PVC material found in credit cards. Tokens are water and sunlight resistant.These tokens are made from PPS, making them highly resistant to heat, chemicals, and mechanical impact. These properties make them well suited for industrial applications.Polyamide (PA, also known as "Nylon") tokens offer excellent wear, impact, heat, and chemical resistance (particularly oil). NFC tags overmolded with PA are one of the toughest we offer.A popular wristband for events whose PVC tag can be printed on both sides. The fabric wriststrap can also be customized.Water-resistant NFC bracelet with a quick-release clasp. Artwork on the face can be customized and covered with a clear dome.These single-use adjustable silicone wristbands can fit both kids and adults. A button-snap deters its re-use. Popular with events and amusement parks.
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