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ST by Tagstand NFC Sampler Pack



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Tagstand is proud to partner with ST Microelectronics, a global leader in integrated circuits for memory, microcontrollers, and RFID/NFC tags and readers. Together, we present our collection of exclusive ST by Tagstand tags. It’s a seamless marriage of the quality NFC products you’ve come to expect from us — with the innovation that ST is known for!

The Sampler Pack contains a variety of twelve PET, water-resistant ST25, Type 4 and Type 5 stickers; which are perfect for a number of different “smart read” / instant applications.

In this pack, you’ll receive 3 each of:

  • Type 5, ST25TV02K 15mm round sticker
  • Type 4, ST25TA02K 30mm square sticker
  • Type 5, ST25TV64K, 30mm round sticker
  • Type 4, ST25TA02K, 30mm square on-metal sticker

Interested in bulk quantities?  Looking for similar custom stickers? Contact us at We’d love to help!


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