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ST25 Tag Bag – NFC Evaluation Kit



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This kit provides a collection of specialty NFC tags using the ST25T product family, with a mix of ST25TA and ST25TV tags. With this 22 tag kit, you’ll better understand the following benefits that the ST25T chips can offer.

All the tags offered in the Tag Bag are also available for individual purchase.

Augmented NDEF

SKU: 20-064 – 3pcs – 50x50mm ST25TV02KC sticker enables extra information (UID, unique tap code, digital signature, password counter, custom field) to dynamically append to your programmed NDEF URI upon each tap.

Tamper Detect

SKU: 20-053 – 3pcs – 35mm dia. with tail and ST25TV02K (tamper detect) sticker can seal items such as packaging or beverage containers. The tag’s tamper-detect status will indicate when the tag has been ripped open.

SKU: 20-044 – 1pc – CR80 sticker is a REUSABLE tamper-detect tag for prototyping purposes. The membrane switch easily closes and opens the tamper-detect circuit to easily demonstrate how the status changes. Two leads on the face of the card allows an external switch to be attached for ease of concept development.

NFC Field Detect and Energy Harvesting

SKU: 20-018 – 1pc – CR80 card with three built-in LEDs. Approach with an NFC reading device and the LEDs light up by harvesting its electro-magnetic field energy. This is a great tool for observing the location where NFC reading is strongest on any device.

Type 5 Tags – Higher read sensitivity and longer read range

SKU: 20-023 – 3pcs – 15mm dia. sticker shows how small an NFC sticker can be with the 99.7pf version of the ST25TV02K.

SKU: 20-037 – 3pcs – 30mm dia. sticker provides robust read performance with the ST25TV02K.

SKU: 20-735 – 1pc – 22mm dia. PPS button tag is a hard tag and overmolded for IP68 protection.

On-metal Tags

SKU: 20-052 – 1pc – 30x30mm on-metal tag with ST25TV02K. The metal isolation layer allows this tag to function even when adhered to metal surfaces.

Type 4 Tag

SKU: 20-024 – 3pcs – 30x30mm tag with the ST25TA02K. The Type 4 tag offers higher data rates for your application.

Product Bundle SKU: 350-054

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