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Amiibo Figurines and NTAG215

The Nintendo Switch launched early last week with record-breaking success. Its clever design offers a gaming console that converts into a portable device by snapping Joy-Con controllers onto each side. Players enjoy in-game extras by tapping their amiibos to the NFC touchpoint built into the right Joy-Con controller or Pro Controller.

Amiibos debuted in 2014 and are toy cards and figurines that pack the NTAG215 NFC chip. NFC-enabled amiibos can be used across Nintendo’s various consoles. When

used in-game, players get new outfits for their characters, power-up, or receive other fun bonuses.

Tagstand proudly carries products featuring the same NTAG215 chip; available for sale on our website. Take a look and check back soon for new and exciting NTAG215 products coming at the end of March! Happy gaming!!

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