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Tagstand and Mini City: Banding Together for Good

Tagstand has always been passionate about helping people realize the potential of NFC and its ability to affect change. That’s why we were honored to be able to team up with Mini City on their quest to make a difference.

Mini City is a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia that is tirelessly dedicated to helping their local homeless community. Too often, displaced people stay in that situation simply because they lack the help and resources they need to be able to pull themselves up and out of their circumstances. They cannot get a job without identification; or are they are unable to treat their ailments due to a lack of healthcare coverage. Mini City’s mission is to put those services at the fingertips — or rather the wrists — of those who need them.

Tagstand had the privilege of creating 500 custom silicone wristbands for Mini City that were then programmed and used as “membership” bracelets; granting every wearer access to a variety of essential benefits, by virtue of a simple tap of the wrist! We salute Mini City and their vision of using wearable NFC technology to better their town, one person at a time. We’re truly proud to be a part of such a worthwhile cause! To learn more about Mini City and what they do, visit their website here.

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