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NFC gets another big boost in Apple iOS 12

Ever since Apple announced last year that they were opening their Apple Pay platform to allow for reading of NFC tags, iPhone users have still needed to rely on third-party reader apps in order to actually detect the info on their tags. The process of needing to download and open a separate tool has resulted in a much clunkier NFC experience as compared with their Android counterparts.

At WWDC2018, it was revealed that iOS 12 will include native recognition of NFC, which eliminates this need for a middle step, and creates a smoother, more instantaneous tag-read on the iPhone. The effort put forth by Apple to enable this feature, is a promising acknowledgement of the inherent power of NFC, and the significant value that can come from having it ready and available to everyone, at a moment’s notice. This is something that NFC enthusiasts have always known; and it is exciting news indeed!

Click here to hear the WWDC2018 Tech Talk about new changes coming to Core NFC:

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