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The 6 C’s of Custom NFC Tags

Keep in mind these 6 C’s to bring your custom NFC tags to life! Cut, Creative, and Craft make your tags stand out. Chip, Coil, and Code relate to its read performance.


Square, circle, and rectangles are the most common shapes for NFC stickers. If you want to match your logo or fit the NFC sticker into an existing space , then consider a custom shape and size. NFC tags can be delivered as individually cut stickers, in strips, or complete reels.

If more than a sticker is what you need, then reach out to Tagstand and find out about other form factors such as gift items, flyers and brochures, hard tags, and even injection-molded plastic.


Emblazoned with your school logo or product branding, your NFC sticker or tag will stand out. Artwork that you provide should be at least 300dpi for the best print results.


Custom NFC stickers and tags come in a range of different materials, from paper to the alphabet soup of various plastics like PET, PP, PVC. To give your tag the “bubble” look, add a layer of epoxy over it. For wristbands, choose from silicone, Tyvek, paper, and more.

If the NFC tags need to work when stuck on metal, then we’ll add an extra isolation layer. This makes your tag slightly thicker, but will deliver the on-metal performance needed.

Adhesive can be placed on the back like a traditional sticker, or on the same side of your artwork so that it can show through windows.


Our chip chooser tool will help you navigate your NFC chip options. Software developers probaby know exactly what they need. For others, feel free to contact us here at Tagstand if you need some guidance. Tip: NTAG213 is our most popular chip.


NFC tags use a coil antenna that is bonded to the silicon chip. In general, larger antennas give you greater read distance. On the flip side, the size of the NFC coil antenna in the smartphone also matters.

Usually, the size and shape of the coil will be selected to match the final dimensions of your product. Sometimes, custom shapes call for custom antenna designs. Tagstand can help with that, but please be patient because new antennas can take up to 3 months to design.


The beauty of NFC is that no app download is required. Just encode the tags with information using the NDEF format. Any phone with NFC turned on will read and respond to the tag. Supported NDEF datasets includes website URLs, contact information, text message, connecting to WiFi or Bluetooth, sending email, and even geo location.

Many chips protect your information and make it read-only and even password protected. For more special applications, NFC tags can be programmed to work with a specific app.

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