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Welcome, NFC Type 5 Tags!

The NFC Forum recently announced the Type 5 tag, the newest addition to the previously available Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4 tags. To read up on the technical specification, please go here. Engineers and software designers will appreciate the new technical features that the Type 5 tag offers. But how do Type 5 tags benefit regular consumers?

It’s simple. Consumers can use their NFC smartphones to read millions of everyday items that are already tagged! Library books, ski lift tickets, and prescription bottles are some examples of things that already use NFC Type 5 tags. Many are tagged with the popular ISO 15693 tags, which allow for a longer read range. This is useful for scanning library books or checking passes on the ski lift where a 5 to 10cm read range keeps things moving smoothly. Now, NFC phones can read them too. By pronouncing the widely used ISO 15693 tag as the new Type 5 Tags, the NFC Forum just increased the number of tagged NFC items. This means more stuff to scan with your phone.

It won’t be long until organizations that already use NFC Type 5 tags will update their systems and release downloadable NFC apps to:

  • Tap a book with your phone to check out or renew books from the library.
  • Scan a pill bottle to request a prescription refill.
  • Read a ski lift ticket to get a special rate on your next trip to the slopes.
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