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NFC Card Builder

Build your own custom NFC card with our online tool

Drop Files To Upload Documents


Configure your NFC tag specifications (chip, material, size, etc) with the drop-down lists and then design with the online editor. If you already have an artwork file, then ensure that it follows our design guidelines below and upload it directly.

Design Guidelines

  1. Keep text and designs out of the GREEN SAFETY ZONE to provide enough spacing (3mm) from the edge. The green safety zone is for reference only and will NOT BE PRINTED. Delete it after you start designing.
  2. For background images or anything printed to the edge, provide extra graphics that extend 3mm beyond the edge as shown by the PINK BLEED AREA. The pink bleed area is for reference only and will NOT BE PRINTED.
  3. For text, use 8 pt font or larger.
  4. For lines, use a thickness of 0.05mm or greater.
  5. Uploaded images must be 300 dpi or higher.


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