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NTAG216 Social media bubble sticker – 30mm – On-metal



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If you like our classic NTAG213 bubble sticker, we think you’ll LOVE this tag! Created for the NFC user on-the-go, set it up as a mobile business card so your contact details are shared with a single scan! Or link it to your social media profiles to help people find/connect to you quickly and easily.

Identical in size and shape to the original, this sticker has:

  • An NTAG216 chip: With a large 868 bytes of memory, it’s ideal for storing all of your information in one place!
  • A 0.2mm on-metal layer: Ensures solid NFC performance even when placed on surfaces made of, or containing metal; like the back of your iPhone.

This sticker is made from epoxy and is slightly raised, like a button, and has an adhesive 3M backing.  

Buying in bulk and want a discount? Looking for custom stickers or something else? Contact us at We’d love to help.

Product Specifications:

Chip Type NTAG216
Total Memory 888 bytes
Available NDEF Message Size 868 bytes
NFC Forum Type Type 2
Dimensions 30mm diameter
Material Epoxy


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