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NTAG 413 DNA Sticker



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The NTAG 413 DNA delivers security and authentication without the need for the end user to download an app. The NTAG 413 DNA chip has several tiers of security and includes a feature called the Secure Unique NFC (SUN) Message.  With each user’s tap of a tag, the NTAG 413 DNA chip generates unique data attached to the URL and automatically directs users to a web-based service for authentication and verification. This makes it an excellent tool for brand protection and consumer engagement applications.

Order a few here for prototyping and testing. Contact us if you have questions or are ready to produce your own custom NTAG 413 DNA tag.

For a detailed datasheet on how to access the chip’s special features, please create an account on the NXP DocStore and request it directly from NXP.


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19x19mm with 25x25mm outer matrix


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