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SparkMarks NFC Stickers (5 durable PVC stickers with Topaz 512)



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Looking for a bit more in an NFC sticker?  These NFC stickers from SparkMarks are thicker, more durable, and water-proof.  They also use the Topaz 512 chip with 454 bytes of available memory.  Use these tags if you need tougher tags with extra storage capacity!

This package was designed for new NFC users in mind.  The package includes easy-to-follow instructions and the tags are factory pre-coded to direct a user’s smartphone to download Trigger, the best NFC app in the market.

Just turn on your phone’s NFC and touch one of these SparkMarks tags!  It’s the perfect gift for new NFC users!

Have a special project or a bulk order inspired by these SparkMarks NFC tags?  Looking for custom NFC stickers or something else? Contact us at  We’d love to help.

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