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NFC Explained

NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

NFC is the newest mode of communication that is becoming standard in smartphones. Of all the options, NFC has the shortest communication distance. How does the reach of NFC compare with your phone’s other connectivity features?

2G/3G/4G Anybody on Earth
Wi-Fi Anybody on the same football field
Bluetooth Anybody in the same coffee shop
NFC Anybody within arm’s reach

Using NFC means you directly share with those right beside you. Tap your smartphone to:

  • share a photograph with a friend
  • share music by automatically pairing a Bluetooth speaker to your phone
  • share your business contact information

You can also use NFC to automate everyday tasks that perform with your phone. See some examples of how NFC can be used in your everyday life.

Companies like Google are also building NFC into their products and services to simplify the user experience. The Google Cardboard VR Viewer transforms your smartphone into a virtual reality goggle. The NFC tag inside automatically launches the VR app on your phone.

Finally, NFC enables your phone to be used as a payment tool. Instead of swiping a credit card at the check-out counter, you can tap your phone against an NFC reader.

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