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NFC Dock N Launch – Product Consulting

Seeing the growing popularity of NFC among consumers, the makers of the NFC Dock N Launch wanted to integrate NFC functionality into an existing car dock design. They chose to work with Tagstand, who helped them throughout the design process. To ensure that the newly added NFC capability would not interfere with the many moving parts, we designed a custom shape with enough clearance for the moving arms and a through-hole to accommodate the locking push button.

Not just content with product function alone, Tagstand also wanted the NFC Dock N Launch to look good. We recommended using PET, a durable and attractive material, and coating the printed graphics with raised UV ink to give the product’s look and feel an extra punch.

Within a few weeks time, Tagstand helped launch the NFC Dock N Launch to the market and help make NFC an even more useful part of everyday life.

Product Design Factors:

  • NFC Chip selection
  • Antenna design
  • Material selection
  • Custom sticker shape and design
  • Existing design compatibility
  • Graphics and printing
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