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Barnacle Anti-Tamper NFC Tags

For NFC applications such as brand protection, secure asset tracking, or anti-counterfeiting, the Barnacle NFC Tag provides the anti-tamper features that you need.

Like its living ocean counterpart, the Barnacle Anti-Tamper NFC Tag should not be removed. After being attached to an item, it only works when it stays attached. Removing the Barnacle NFC Tag from its correct item destroys the antenna. The NFC sticker becomes unreadable and makes it obvious that the tag has been removed, tampered, or transferred to another item.


The Barnacle tag’s antenna contains a special breaking layer. When the tag is removed, the breaking layer causes the antenna structure to split open and become permanently unreadable.

The Barnacle tag works well on all smooth and properly cleaned surfaces such as glass, paper, and plastic. Find them on our webstore if you’d like a few to test out. Please contact us if you have custom requirements or additional requests for your unique application.

Barnacles and the Barnacle Anti-Tamper NFC Tag. Please don’t remove them!

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