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Hot Desking with Tagstand NFC and QR Codes

To enable a flexible office environment, a global IT company is one of many to embrace the concept of hot desking. And NFC plays a big role.

The company has attached NFC tags to shared workstations at office locations worldwide. Employees just tap their NFC-enabled phone (or scan the QR code if NFC is not available) and “check-in” to their work space. Then, knowing the location of the employee’s work space for that day, the company can appropriately route phone calls, deliveries, and other connections as needed.

Since each work space is a distinct location, each tag’s NFC chip and QR code must be encoded with a unique identifier. In addition, a human-readable ID must also be printed on the tag, and all the information must match. Tens of thousands of these unique tags must be delivered to multiple offices located across different countries in a roll-out that will span a year.

Tagstand not only managed these technical and logistical challenges, but also worked closely with this IT giant to deliver their solution in a cost-effective manner.

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