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Coming Soon: Bluetooth + NFC dual-mode beacons

As a provider of all things NFC, we at Tagstand are always striving toward new ways to integrate and optimize NFC to make our clients’ lives easier. Thus, we are excited to introduce our newest product — Dual-mode beacons that house Bluetooth AND NFC capabilities; bringing together the best of both worlds!

Bluetooth is already well-known and widely used as a means to send signal and information across a wider scope; while NFC’s niche is close-range communication. By putting both functionalities together into one product; we have essentially created a compact powerhouse for your business or organization! How might this look? Let’s imagine that you are a new restaurant in town. By placing these beacons on-site, the Bluetooth allows you to broadcast ads, video, website info, and location and directions to a mass audience. As customers come through the door, NFC can create a dynamic and interactive dining experience. For instance, one tap of a phone to a beacon at the entrance and guests could bring up a screen to check-in and reserve a seat, or to take a first glance at the menu. Another one at the table could give access to detailed nutrition or allergy information. Put one at the register that instantly brings them to a satisfaction survey or to a downloadable coupon for their next visit.

Whatever your business, or your goals, these beacons were created to support your needs!

Their classic design help these beacons to blend seamlessly into any venue or decor. They can also be customized with your own artwork, logo, and/or data. Interested in finding out more? Contact us at today. Ready to buy? Place a pre-order now! ($40 for a 2-pack. Bulk pricing also available.) Let Tagstand help you boost your business to the next level!

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