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Tagstand and NFC

NFC, or near field communication, is a technology that has been around for a while now. Tagstand, a company that specializes in providing and supporting NFC products, is also well-established. But if you’re anything like me, you may have been oblivious to either. This blog post aims to try and change that.

In a nutshell, NFC technology allows two devices to communicate information/data with each other within a close range (typical distance: 2 inches or less). With the help of an app, this communication can be done between any two mediums with NFC capability. There are NFC stickers, cards, tokens, wristbands and more, all ready to be programmed with information to help make your life easier and more streamlined. For instance, many of us toggle back and forth between the settings on our phone several times throughout the day, depending on where you are. In the car? Bluetooth on, volume up, use data plan to connect. Get to the office? Turn them off, switch to workplace WiFi. Sound like you? By programming these settings into a couple of NFC stickers and placing one in your car, and another at your desk, you could do all of this automatically, whenever, with a tap of your phone to the sticker.

Of course, that is just the most basic of examples to illustrate what NFC can do. Its capability can easily extend to a much larger scope. Business, public events, retail, inventory, tourism…NFC can provide benefits in any of these sectors, far beyond the cost of your investment. That is where Tagstand comes in. As a reputable provider of NFC, we strive to serve our customers beyond just selling NFC products – we want to help you maximize the technology, to reach your goals.

Customization is our specialty; we can print our products with your logos and artwork, and/or encode each piece with your info; to help you advertise and boost your business potential. Of course, if you’re just looking to buy some ready-made NFC stuff; we have that too. Either way, we work hard to get you the best fit for your needs. With headquarters local to our production site, we have team members present and involved in the manufacturing process; connecting and working closely with our suppliers on a daily basis, so we can consistently give our customers the highest of quality at the lowest prices.

Curious if NFC can work for you, but not ready to commit to a large purchase? Feel free to check out our sample packs available on this site. Simply go into our online store, type “sample” in the search bar, and select one of product bundles to try. We’re confident that you’ll like the service and quality that Tagstand has to offer! Contact us and let us know how we can help! We are here for you.

Look forward to working with you soon,

Your Tagstand team

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