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Contactless Dining in the Era of COVID-19

The emergence of the coronavirus has all of us scrambling worldwide, to adjust to the necessary mandates of sheltering-in-place and social distancing. While keeping our distance helps save lives, what does this mean for our businesses that depend on connections to stay afloat?

As dealing with COVID-19 becomes the “new normal” for the near future, NFC is a powerful, yet inexpensive tool for times like these. Built on a platform of programmable tags and readers; NFC allows valuable information to be transmitted with just a fast tap of your smartphone; reducing contact to mere seconds.

Tagstand has been working with a number of restaurants to make their dining establishments essentially “contactless”: A scan of an NFC sticker placed at the door, counter or window, brings up a menu/order/payment screen; making it possible for customers to be in and out quickly – all while creating essential revenue.

Let us help your business through this unprecedented time. Write to for more information or to get started.

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