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Contact Tracing for Workplaces During COVID-19

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb worldwide, it is more critical than ever to stay safe at work. To return to work safely, workplaces and employers need the ability to trace contacts in the event that a staff member tests positive for COVID 19.

When returning to work, we’ll all be adapting to new habits, policies, and etiquette such as social distancing to make the workplace safer.  Staff will have a lot to process and can’t be expected to recall all of the names and faces they’ve come into contact with based on meeting invites and schedule alone. A real time contact tracing system is needed to automatically record all contacts within a workplace, and this may even be required by law in some regions as part of a return to work precautions.

To get ahead of the curve, the chemistry lab at the University of Toronto needed to allow lab work to resume and to make it easy and reliable for staff turned to our friends at TapTrack to streamline the task of contact tracing.  TapTrack has recently launched a movement tracking system which is currently in use at the University of Toronto’s chemistry lab. The system utilizes NFC tags to record the checkins and checkouts of lab personnel within a given area. Modeled after the traditional check-in, check-out board, it simplifies and modernizes the process, all while making workplaces safer without burdening the staff to manually write down contacts into a shared spreadsheet or clipboard.

A quick scan of a member’s designated NFC card by the system reader instantly logs them in or out.  Visitors and temporary employees can be easily added into this database, and known absence/vacation dates can also be recorded – making this a quick and dynamic way to keep up with all the daily movements that occur within your workplace.

If your company already has a check in/out system that needs NFC added to it, we can also help with that.  For example, if your existing solution requires employee scans to be recorded using keyboard entry from barcodes that you want to replace with NFC, TapTrack has various solutions that can allow an NFC reader to act as a keyboard wedge. For more information, click here.

Interested to know more?  Inquire at Looking for help with setting up NFC for you or your business? Reach out to us at or

We’re fully committed to helping you stay productive, safe, and well!

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