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NFC Challenge Coins Inspire

Tagstand was proud to sponsor the first set of NFC challenge coins developed by the Wings for Val Foundation. Each NFC challenge coin is unique and points to a special URL. You can enter your location and the challenge you will accomplish. When you are done, you can pass the NFC challenge coin on to someone else to share the fallen hero’s story and see what people are challenging themselves to do. The foundation will be able to track the NFC coin’s travels and challenges on a map for all to share and inspire the next generation of young leaders. The goal is to make a similar coin for each of our fallen heroes so they do not get forgotten.


The middle section of each challenge coin houses a waterproof on-metal NFC tag with the portrait of a fallen hero. Each tag is unique and will point to a web page for that coin. The bearer of that NFC challenge coin will be challenged to an act of service in honor of the fallen and then encouraged to pass the coin to someone else after telling the story of that hero. There are so many heroes to remember with incredible stories of courage, service & leadership.


The Wings for Val Foundation was founded in 2015 in memory of LT Valerie Cappelaere Delaney. It’s mission is to promote and support women in all fields, especially aviation, and to inspire future generations of female leaders. Women will become empowered leaders who reach forward for mentorship, who reach back to support and inspire those behind them, and who approach any obstacle with the mindset to “ADAPT AND OVERCOME.”

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