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The Function and the Fashion

There are NFC features for whatever you need. Business cards, ID cards, key tags—their NFC functions can protect your employees, advertise your services, or protect your data. But just because your product is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable.

NFC tags and cards are highly customizable. You can give the functional parts of tags and cards a distinct look.

Barcodes and QR Codes

Numbers on QR codes and barcodes can be printed using several options. Laser printing produces numbers in yellow and black. Digital (or inkjet) printing gives numbers and barcodes a “digitized” look, while thermal printing gives letters, numbers, and barcodes a smooth finish.

Giving Cards Style

Along with imagery like logos or pictures, there are plenty of features to give your cards and tags personality. Here are more options for you to consider:

  • Surface finishing: Choose between matte, glossy, or frosted.
  • Hot stamping: Add decorative details (including lettering, designs, and images) in inks or gold or silver foils.
  • Embossing: Raise letters or numbers in silver or gold.
  • Metallic cards: Choose a gold or silver background.

Craft Limitations

Some craft options won’t work together. For example, if you want thermal printing, you can’t have a matte or frosted surface. While black laser printing will work on PET plastic, yellow won’t. NFC tags don’t work on metal. If tags are going to be struck on metal, they need an extra metal isolation layer. We’ll help you find workable solutions to these limitations.

Designing Your Product

You may already know what crafting you want on your card or tag. You might be faced with a lot of functional and creative options, and don’t know what to choose. Whatever your needs, we can work closely with you to help you choose the unique design of your product:

  • QR code or barcode printing,
  • surface finishing,
  • font size,
  • font color,
  • background color,
  • lettering and numbering options,
  • many other options.

Please contact us to start designing your product!

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