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NFC Tags for Water Filtration Systems

Join us to support clean water in Nicaragua!

Tagstand is proud to donate NFC tags and reader equipment to help collect data and teach communities how to maintain water filtration systems.

Thank you Duty of Design and Trashwater for championing this!

The Duty of Design is pleased to announce it’s newest project for the global non-profit organization Trashwater International, made possible by a technology sponsorship from Tagstand.

The Duty of Design will accompany Trashwater on their next trip to Nicaragua, collecting quantitative and qualitative data for the communities that receive improved water filtration systems. Using a digital metric developed by The Duty of Design, Trashwater will be able to measure the effectiveness of their water filter systems. The metric evaluate factors such as water accessibility, product usability and improvements in quality of life. The metric will be administered by a Duty translator, along with the Duty team. An integral part of this project is Duty’s recent collaboration with Tagstand, Inc. Tagstand’s commitment to seeing sustainable communities abroad led to their sponsorship of 55 NFC tags to the Duty of Design. The NFC tags will be applied to Trashwater’s UV and coal-based filters. This small but immensely effective tool will enable the Duty of Design to track the water filters using GPS-locators, as well as play informational videos in Spanish and English on the importance of water filtration and how to properly change installed water filters. When Trashwater’s Nicaragua-based rep installs the water filters, a simple scan of the NFC tag using Tagstand’s NFC Card Reader will initiate an action.

Support this innovative effort by shopping The Duty of Design collection in the Tagstand store today!

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