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Visit Arcadia

Arcadia, California has played host to the Breeder’s Cup several times in the last few years — a boon to the local economy given the Breeder’s Cup’s status as the “Superbowl of horse racing.” Upwards of 50,000 spectactors travel to Arcadia from around the world to participate in one of the industry’s most glamourous and storied events.

The Aracadia Chamber of Commerce and the City of Arcadia commissioned a website and mobile app called “Visit Arcadia” to serve as a traveler’s guide to the very best that Arcadia has to offer in restaurants, shops, and activities. Local businesses were excited to receive “Visit Arcadia” decals which served as badges of distinction. These decals featured a Tagstand NFC sticker behind them which directed users to the Visit Arcadia website. Over the Breeder’s Cup weekend thousands of visitors accessed the site for Arcadia’s “Best Places to Eat, Stay, and Play.”


  • NFC makes a show at the “Superbowl of horse racing”
  • Local businesses received storefront badges with NFC
  • Drive visitors to the Visit Arcadia website
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