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NFC Tags to Share your WiFi

Want to allow your friends, guests, or customers access to your wireless network without telling them the password? Well, you can set up an NFC tag with your Wi-Fi information, including the password. Then, if your friends have an NFC-enabled phone, just tell them to turn on their phone and tap the tag!

Note: Android 5.0 or higher required. Make sure the phone’s NFC is ON.

Follow these easy steps to set up Wi-Fi NFC tags:

Step 1

Open your device’s Settings menu, and choose Wi-Fi.

Step 2

Long-press on the name of your Wi-Fi network (ie, hold your finger down on the name of the network until this screen appears) and then choose Write to NFC Tag.

Step 3

Enter your network’s password and choose WRITE.

Step 4

Tap your device to the NFC tag.

Step 5

Once finished, choose DONE and you are all set!

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