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One-Touch Data Entry Using the Tappy

The hallmark of NFC technology is its ability to make the transmission of data quick and easy. One capability it has not had; however, is the capacity to pull information from a tag and input it directly into your computer. Instead, a user has to scan the written tag, find the information from the screen, and copy/paste it into a spreadsheet or other record system. This process is bearable when the tag volume is small; but what if you have hundreds or thousands of tags to deal with?

Our friends at TapTrack set out to tackle this issue; and came up with a beautifully effortless solution. Through incorporating a keyboard wedge into their software, TappyUSB and TappyBLE NFC reader/writers can automatically input tag data into your computer with one tap!

Simply plug in and launch your TappyUSB or BLE unit:

Find the keyboard entry feature:

Choose the data option* and any other input features you wish to use (automatic carriage returns, LF line breaks):

Open your favorite spreadsheet program, and click on the desired cell placement:

Then scan your tag!

The data is instantly added to that position in your file without you ever having to type!

By transforming itself into a data entry tool, the Tappy reader/writer makes a tedious task simple and seamless — boosting the versatility of NFC to the next level!

For more details about the Tappy reader/writer or the keyboard wedge function, click here.


(*The keyboard wedge works for text and UID data. URL capability is still under development.)

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