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Small quantity custom NFC tags are here!

It’s no secret that we LOVE NFC; so it’s no surprise to us, when other people do too. Over the years, we have heard from customers who know about NFC and are eager to try it; but are intimidated by the commitment and/or budget needed to place that first custom order. Well, we have listened, and come up with a way to put the power and productivity of NFC into the hands of anyone who wants it!

Introducing Tagstand’s new SMALL CUSTOM BATCH SERVICE. With no minimum order restrictions, you can now order custom, top-quality NFC products in quantities of 1 to 1000 pieces; personally designed to fit your needs!

Doing research on a new project and need to test out your proof-of-concept? Use this service to order a few pieces from us. Sharing a presentation with your team, and looking to wow them with some finished samples? Let us take care of it!

Order Custom Small Batch

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