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WayAround: NFC for the Vision Impaired

At Tagstand, we are passionate about NFC technology. So whenever we come across an organization that shares our excitement about all NFC can do; we can’t help but showcase it! WayAround is one business that is using NFC for a uniquely meaningful purpose.

Based in Texas, WayAround’s aim is to empower people with vision impairment or loss in maintaining their independence. To this end, they created an innovative identification system that uses NFC to record, catalog, and share data about the items around your home or office. Simply choose one of their NFC-enabled stickers, clips, buttons, or magnets to place on an object, and input essential details about the item into the WayAround app. The app programs the information on to the tag; which will play aloud whenever it is scanned.

Too many cans in your pantry? Not sure which is which? Or when they go bad? Touch the programmed tags with your smart phone/reader and let the app tell you. Need a certain outfit for a special night out? Record the descriptions of your wardrobe pieces onto NFC buttons, attach, and allow the system to do the locating for you. The possibilities are amazing – and limitless!

Wondering what else NFC can do? Contact or and let us help unlock the potential of NFC for your next project!

Want to find out more about WayAround? Check out their website at

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