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Take the Plunge! Try our NFC Hard Tags

When it comes to NFC, people are likely most familiar with the stickers and cards. While these formats are excellent applications of NFC in the every day; there may be cases where something more durable and rugged is required. Introducing our selection of NFC hard tags!

A “hard tag” is a NFC antenna and chip housed securely within a shell of hard material (typically ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) plastic). Though the shape and style of the body may differ, the casing keeps the inner technology safe while maintaining both form and function. Take a look at our collection of hard keyfobs, tokens, and tags.

Many of our hard tags have earned an IP rating of 68; certifying that they will protect effectively against both dust and water. So, go ahead — take the plunge! Try our hard tags today, and bring NFC connectivity virtually anywhere you need to go!
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