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Tappy All-in-One NFC Reader, Writer, and Emulator

With the Tappy NFC reader, any device can be enabled with full NFC reading and writing capability. Connect via USB or if you prefer no cables, then then Tappy BLE is your choice. What we really like about the Tappy is that it supports all popular NFC chips and includes a full software stack. This means that our customers can focus on developing their own applications and not spend time trying to figure out NFC codes, specifications, and libraries.

The Tappy comes with full software support including an SDK, sample apps, and direct support from the engineers at TapTrack. Need customized help with your application? TapTrack can help too.

For more information about the Tappy and to purchase your own, visit our webstore.

Check out TapTrack’s blog on the demise of NFC tablets, and how the envision the Tappy as a solution.

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