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Custom Small Batch for Bzmart – White NTAG215 Cards

Full-color inkjet printing. Minimum $15 added for encoding.

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1. Artwork

Vector-based artwork is preferred. For raster/image files, make sure the resolution is 300dpi.

Document size: 88.5 x 54mm. If artwork has bleed or print to the edge, then add a 3mm bleed area around the entire document.

2. Print Order File (.csv or .xls)

List out quantity, artwork file names, and encoding instructions for each custom tag as shown in the example below. Save as a CSV or XLS file.

Example Print Order file for 5 cards with different front sides and same back side artwork

Quantity Front Back Encoding
1 frontArtwork001.pdf backArtwork.pdf
1 frontArtwork002.pdf backArtwork.pdf
1 frontArtwork003.pdf backArtwork.pdf
1 frontArtwork004.pdf backArtwork.pdf
1 frontArtwork005.pdf backArtwork.pdf


3. Sending Your Artwork and Print Order File. Two options:

Share your files via Google, Dropbox, etc.


Upload files directly using button above


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